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SIN MOO HAPKIDO Masters Series

Sin Moo Hapkido is a Martial Art that was founded in the United Stated in 1984 by Grandmaster Ji, Han Jae. Sin Moo Hapkido incorporates a philosophy of non-violence, self improvement, adaptability, and physical, emotional and spiritual balance, with the basic Hapkido training.

We are proud to present you the only Martial Arts training series produced by Grandmaster Ji Han Jae the inventor of Sin Moo Hapkido. This video is part of comprehensive series of instructional tapes on the art of Sin Moo Hapkido. On these instructional programs, Grandmaster Ji personally demonstrates the dynamic techniques that make Sin Moo Hapkido the most complete and effective martial art system in the world. Using multiple cameras, slow motion sequences, advanced graphics and other visual tools, this seminal source catches and explains every nuance of Grandmaster Ji’s techniques.

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The Sin Moo Hapkido Training series is Grandmaster Ji’s legacy, or, in his own words, his “Martial Arts bible”, and he is pleased to share them with you and all of his other students worldwide.


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These programs encompass all of the technical requirements from White Belt to 1st degree Black Belt (excluding meditation techniques).